Spotlight on Meriva® – An Advanced Curcumin Phytosome Offering Researched Benefits

You may have noticed the patented curcumin extract Meriva appearing in several Moss Nutrition products that target inflammation. Here’s why we choose Meriva.
First, Meriva is one of the few forms of curcumin that exhibits superior absorption as compared to turmeric alone and most other curcumin extracts. Second, and even more importantly, Meriva has demonstrated outstanding clinical efficacy in multiple human studies.

When it comes to nutritional supplementation, of course absorption is critical. But at Moss Nutrition, human efficacy studies are the gold standard for ingredient selection. Not all curcumin formulations come with sound human research to back them up. Meriva does.

Of course every time you eat curry you absorb a little curcumin, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory yellow compound found in turmeric. Curcumin is the most prevalent of three curcuminoids found in fresh turmeric and high quality curcumin extracts like Meriva. (The other two curcuminoids Meriva provides are dimethoxycurcuminand bisdemethoxycurcumin.)

The problem with curcuminoids is that they are fat soluble and highly polar, making it very difficult for the body to absorb them in the absence of a bioavailability enhancer. Intestinal absorption, which allows curcumin to enter the bloodstream, is the first hurdle. The next hurdle is cellular absorption and delivery to needed sites throughout the body.

Piperine (black pepper extract) has been shown to substantially increase curcumin uptake in the intestine; however, it has not been shown to enhance cellular delivery. For this, we believe the best option is a lipophilic bioavailability enhancer. Meriva’s exclusive phytosome delivery system, which complexes curcumin with pharmaceutical grade sunflower lecithin or soybean lecithin, provides just this.

Meriva has been perhaps best researched for helping to improve joint health. Studies also suggest it may provide anti-inflammatory benefits to muscles, skin and eye tissue, prostate health, and more. Meriva has been found to offer benefits both when used on its own and when used in concert with other supplements or medicines.
In a landmark 8-month study of 100 patients with inflammatory knee pain, the treatment group was given 500 mg Meriva twice a day with food (at breakfast and dinner) while the control group did not take Meriva. Both groups were also managed with the “best available treatment” as defined by their medical team. At the end of the study, those in the Meriva group showed statistically significant greater improvements in all clinical outcome measures, including reduced use of NSAIDS, a 3-fold increase in walking distance ability and a greater than 50% decrease in the WOMAC score, compared to the control group. The Meriva group also exhibited significant decreases in all inflammatory markers measured, suggesting a mechanistic basis for measured improvements.

Another 2014 study applied randomized, double blind, placebo controlled methods to investigate the effect of Meriva on delayed onset muscle soreness in 20 healthy, active, “weekend warrior” type adult males. Dosing was 1 g two times a day with food for four days. 48 hours prior to a downhill running test, subjects commenced supplementation with Meriva or placebo, and treatment was continued for 24 hours after the event. Subjects in the Meriva group reported significantly less leg pain and exhibited significantly less evidence of thigh muscle damage on MRI than those in the control group. This research was conducted at the Olympic Training Center in Barcelona, Spain.

As an adjuvant treatment, Meriva has been shown to provide numerous health benefits as well. Italian research conducted in 2015 compared the effect of Meriva in combination with topical steroids to the benefits of topical steroids alone in patients with an inflammatory skin condition. At the end of treatment, both groups were improved but subjects in the Meriva group showed greater reductions in skin inflammation and significantly reduced serum levels of inflammatory cytokines, notably IL-22, than those treated only with topical steroids.

Another study combined glucosamine with either Meriva or chondroitin in 124 patients with degenerative knee pain. Over a four-month period, patients treated with glucosamine plus Meriva showed significantly more improvement in treadmill walking ability and other outcome scores, with a more rapid onset of benefits than those in the glucosamine plus chondroitin group.

Meriva® advanced curcumin phytosome is contained in the following Moss Nutrition Select products (view in product catalog):

  • ArthroSelect®
  • CurcuSelect™
  • HepatoDetox Select™
  • InflammaSelect®
  • Prostate Select®
  • SarcoSelect®
  • SarcoSelect DF®
  • Select Cleanse®

By Diana Allen, MS, CNS; Product Development Manager

Moss Nutrition Digest #5 – 01/05/2016 – PDF Version


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