FDA Updates to Supplement Labels, Daily Values

Many of you may be aware that certain detailed information on supplement labels will be changing soon. In accordance with guidelines set out in the 2016 FDA publication “Food Labeling: Revision of the Nutrition and Supplements Facts Labels”, the upcoming changes will include new design and display requirements, major changes to the way that sugars and fibers are listed on nutrition facts panels, and changes to the recommended daily intakes (Percent Daily Values) for most vitamins and minerals.

As a supplement manufacturer, Moss Nutrition is most impacted by the new Daily Values (DV) issued for almost all the known micronutrients. Whether these changes are minor or significant, they are bound to impact consumer perception of how much of a nutrient is provided by a particular supplement. What seemed like just the right amount under the old Daily Value system may seem like too much or not enough under the new system.

For example, the 100% Daily Value for biotin is decreasing from the previous 300 mcg to only 30 mcg—a 90% reduction!

In the case of calcium, the change is less drastic. The previous 100% DV for calcium—1000 mg—is being raised to 1300 mg. This means that a product which contains 1000 mg of calcium per serving and previously provided 100% of the Daily Value now will provide only 77%—even though the product still contains the same amount of calcium as before. To continue providing 100% of the Daily Value, the calcium content would need to increase to 1300 mg per serving. This might mean adding an additional pill to the daily serving size and suggested use, in order accommodate the higher volume of calcium (a bulky ingredient) needed to meet the new 100% DV.

Moss Nutrition is required to have our labels and supplements facts panels updated and compliant to the new guidelines by January 1, 2021. This process is now underway. Depending on the product, our new labels may only display changes in the Percent Daily Value column. In other cases, formula updates also may be made, in order to maintain Daily Values as they were.

We are addressing this massive project with our legendary attention to detail. Please see page two of this Moss Nutrition Digest for a color-coded chart summarizing the upcoming changes to Daily Values.

See chart below summarizing the upcoming changes to Daily Values:

Watson_Table DV Changes


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By Diana Allen, MS, CNS, Product Development Manager

Moss Nutrition Digest #13 – 08/20/2019 – PDF Version