Supporting IBS Patients with Hyperimmune Egg Powder

Not long ago, it wasn’t uncommon for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome to be told their problem was “all in their head”. Luckily today, most medical practitioners know better. Psychological factors such as stress and anxiety certainly play a role in the etiology of IBS, but functional issues such as impaired migrating motor complex function, gut infections, and gut dysbiosis represent firmly established exacerbating or precipitating factors. Each individual GI patient must be treated holistically to address the unique roots of their problem, and to help practitioners successfully choose the most effective tools and methods required to manage their patient’s condition.

One food-based supplement researched to exert a significant positive impact on symptom reduction in the IBS population, particularly in those with diarrhea predominant IBS-D, is an extraordinary immunoglobulin-rich substance made from powdered whole eggs.

To produce this substance, hens are first inoculated against a group of bacterial species known to commonly infect the human gut and disrupt normal gastrointestinal function. The hens develop protective antibodies against these pathogens, and then pass these antibodies on to their eggs via a process known as passive immunity. Subsequently the eggs are collected, purified and dried to produce “hyperimmune egg powder”.

As a supplement, hyperimmune egg powder has been shown to help boost immune function and support the repopulation of healthy gut microflora in the GI tracts of humans and animals. It also has been studied to help to reduce a number of distressing symptoms such as pain, bloating, loose stools and frequent defecation in patients with IBS-D.

In a case series reported by chiropractic physician Mark Morningstar, two female IBS-D patients were treated separately with hyperimmune egg powder. The first patient had failed to improve following dietary interventions recommended by her primary care physician. However, within just 48 hours of commencing treatment with the hyperimmune egg powder, she reported decreased defecation frequency and improved bowel consistency. These improvements continued throughout the 31 day duration of her trial.

The second patient, who had a primary diagnosis of scoliosis and a secondary diagnosis of IBS-D, embarked on a 15-day trial of supplementation with hyperimmune egg powder. This patient began showing improvements during her second week of treatment, but symptoms returned after she stopped taking the hyperimmune egg powder at trial completion. When she resumed taking the supplement, her symptoms again improved, leading her to continue daily treatment with the product.

In addition to adults with IBS, hyperimmune egg powder has been studied in children with rotavirus diarrhea. One randomized, placebo-controlled trial of 79 children with this condition showed a significant reduction in stool frequency and more rapid viral clearance in the group treated with the hyperimmune egg supplement vs placebo.

In patients with dairy allergies, hyperimmune egg powder may be used as an alternative to bovine colostrum. It also provides an economical, non-bovine alternative to serum bovine immunoglobulins. Both bovine-derived immunoglobulin G (IgG), and egg-derived immunoglobulin Y (IgY) have been shown to benefit gut health.

Hyperimmune egg powder, provided as IgY Max™, is featured in two Moss Nutrition products. The first is a single ingredient standalone product, GI Globulin Select™ powder, which is unflavored and unsweetened. The second is a combination gut support formula called GI Meal Select™, offered in a delicious natural Chocolate flavor.

Along with a clinically relevant 2 grams of IgY Max™ hyperimmune egg powder per serving, GI Meal Select™ provides a healthy dose of L-glutamine for gut lining repair, a built-in complete multi-vitamin/mineral featuring superior absorption and bioactivated nutrient forms, and 3.6 grams of free form essential amino acids. Predigested, hypoallergenic EAAs provide the body with protein building blocks and muscle-sparing benefits. Maintaining muscle mass is critical to patients with chronic gut problems and related malabsorption, as it is easy for these individuals to become deficient in both macronutrients and micronutrients. GI Meal Select™ helps address these complex issues from multiple angles in a highly palatable and easy to consume format.

By Diana Allen, MS, CNS, Product Development Manager

Moss Nutrition Digest #31 – 02/22/2022 – PDF Version


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