The Niacin Flush: Is it Worth It?

Supplemental niacin has been shown in countless studies to decrease several cardiovascular risk factors, notably those related to serum lipid and cholesterol imbalances. Among its benefits, niacin is the single most effective known clinical agent for increasing HDL cholesterol, can inhibit atherosclerosis progression and is known to decrease circulating levels of free fatty acids following … Continue reading The Niacin Flush: Is it Worth It?

Fish Oils Fall Short

News Item: Test results published by the New York Times on January 22, 2014 found that several store brand fish oil supplements may not meet label claim for omega-3 fatty acid content. Of 30 products analyzed (from retail companies including Kirkland, GNC, Nordic Naturals and Carlson Labs) at least a dozen averaged 14% below label claim … Continue reading Fish Oils Fall Short